Parental Involvement



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Welcome to the Gallatin County School District Parental Involvement Webpage

Here you will find upcoming event information, volunteer information and much more. 
Please check back often


Parent Surveys

At Gallatin County School District we believe that families are valuable members of the school community and your opinions and suggestions regarding the education of your child are important to the success of our school. Please take a moment to answer the following questions to help us plan and address areas of improvement for the next school year.


High School:

Middle School:

Upper Elementary:

Lower Elementary:




Last Day of School  May 25th


Upcoming Events


High School

May 23rd-Cultural Awareness Day Program

May 24th Senior Gala

May 25th-Awards Day/Last Day Students

May 28th-Graduation 2pm


Middle School

May 24th Talent Show 12-3pm

 May 25th- 6th Grade Picnic

 May 20th- 8th Grade Picnic

 May 23rd- 7th Grade Picnic

May 25th - 8th Grade Moving up Ceremony  at 1:30

6th   Grade Awards at 12:00

7th  Grade Awards at 12:45




Upper Elementary

May 23rd- 5th Grade Picnic

May 24th - 4th Grade Picnic

May 25- Awards Day

3rd grade 8:15

5th grade 9:00

4th grade 10:00

Attendance 11:00

May 25th- Last Day of School




Lower Elementary

May 25th-    Last day of school for students

8:15 The  last Morning Meeting and Awards day. This is intended to take an hour. We will give Attendance awards and Citizenship Awards.

Classroom awards will be in student classrooms 






In an effort to further student safety, our entire district will be using a new sign in system- it's called V-soft.  This system helps track visitors, students, faculty and volunteers at our school.  When visitors, volunteers, etc. check in, or parents come to pick up students, they will be asked to present a valid state issued ID for entering into the system.  The system has the ability to provide alerts on people who may jeopardize the safety of the campus.   This will help keep our campus safer, and we ask for your cooperation in presenting your vaild state issued ID when coming in the schools. 


If you want to Volunteer please make sure you have an updated background check.  You may do this at any front office building in the district.



Gallatin County School District

Volunteer Handbook



Would you like to nominate a volunteer? 

Please click on link below and let us know






Do you want instant updates of your students grades ?
There is an app for that!
 Go to the Parent portal infinite campus and log on.
After you log in at the bottom is a link to an application for i phones, i pads, and i pods that will let you check the same information you check on the computer such as grades and attendance.