Chess Club

  • Club Adviser - Stephen Reynolds

                 For  info on the club dates email him at

              Chess club is a place where students can learn to play strategy games such as Chess, Checkers, Risk, Magic, Yu-gi-oh, Dungeons and Dragons, or any other stategy games. The game we play most of the time is Dungeons and Dragons this is a game of imagination, wits ,and requires strategy skills, it is an easy game that almost any one can play.

                       *We meet Mondays in Mr. Reynolds room*

Club Members:

  • Devon Lightfoot
  • Mark Selle
  • Nathan Neshi
  • Austin Adams
  • Ashley Demery
  • Logan Picklesimer
  • Sean Blackburn
  • Christian Smith
  • Kaleb Goins
  • Chevey Goins


Web site to get a charactor sheet (