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Academic Departments

Academic Department Department Chair Staff
English Department Shelly Schultz Leah Carballoso, Sarah Webster, Amy Henage, Jim Rauckhorst
Math Department Andy Jones Dara Hale, Vance Sullivan, Judy Scudder
Science Department Katie Howell Amber Alexander, 
Social Students Department Becky Watkins Mike Courtney, Brooke Hill
Career and Technical Education Kelsey Gognat Brooke Darnell (Agriculture), Bradley Stephenson (Business) Tim Browning (Gym), Wayne Scudder (Gym)
Arts and Humanities   Scott Reed (Music), Leah Carballoso (Theater), Cori Maurits (Art)
Special Education   Hannah French, Randy Dunavent, Rob Walters, Andrea Ogden, Lora Mae Sullivan, Andrea Sullivan
Foreign Language   Samantha Weaver
ESL   Brandie Venegas
Alternative Education / ISS / Credit Recover   Don Allnutt, Steve Coomer